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hold still for movement is painful

hidden in motion

steve, jordan, eisenhauer, penner

jeremy penner

A hard-to-classify but easy-to-listen-to-for-extended-periods-of-time-particularly-while-driving-or-going-to-sleep group of musicians, hidden in motion had its tentative beginnings at Columbia Bible College in Abbotsford, where Jeremy Penner and Jordan Dueck played in a school-endorsed ministry-band together. After taking the top prize at the school talent show for a shoddy solo performance of "Coffee", Penner was asked to play at the Christmas banquet, and asked Jordan to help him out. The two found that they worked well together, and had quickly turned Penner's newest song "Take A Walk" into a five minute romp through musical styles that included Jordan playing some drum parts in 6/4 with Penner playing along in 5/4. Penner, being the self-conscious-unstable-ego-baby-freak that he is, almost bailed out of the performance at the last moment, but Jordan, being the strong-but-insensitive-clod that he is, took responsibility and made sure the show went on.

steve friesen

When access to the school's recording studio became available shortly thereafter, the two began to piece together an album, doing all of the engineering and playing all the parts themselves. With the exception of "Take A Walk", and another song that was later scrapped from the album, they hadn't previously played any of the songs together. Complete with some wacky time signatures (15/4?), distorted vocals, one-man-forty-voice-choirs, backwards scratch tracks and overarching pop-rock sensibilities, the piano-oriented album, OBJECTS OF BEAUTY, took form. It was finished and released in April 2004 under a tight schedule of exams and touring with the afore-mentioned ministry band, and has so far been met with rave reviews.

jeremy eisenhauer

The talents of school buddies Steve Friesen on bass and Jeremy (B)eisenhauer on guitar were enlisted to put together a tight live show, and the band managed to play an exceptionally loud Abbotsford show which featured four separate calls to the police (not kidding). With school over, the band returned to their home province of Manitoba, and got together with guitarist Paul Klippenstein. See shows for their upcoming concerts, and attend spuriously to see how many times the police will be called by irate neighbours.

OBJECTS OF BEAUTY is available for $10 here, at House of James in Abbotsford, Long & McQuade in Winnipeg, or at the Columbia Bible College Bookstore in Abbotsford.

steve, penner, jordan, eisenhauer

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